IR receiver cable

For the WinTV-quadHD, WinTV-HVR-1255 and other PCIe boards

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IR receiver cable
part number 6021149

IR receiver cable for TV tuner boards

WinTV-quadHD, WinTV-HVR-5525, Starburst, WinTV-HVR-1265 and WinTV-HVR-1250

This is a receive only cable, part number 6021149.

Note: this cable is not for the HD PVR or the WinTV-HVR-1950, which use the IR blaster only transmitter cable.

Note: this cable is not for the Colossus, WinTV-HVR-1850 or WinTV-HVR-2255/2250/2200, which use the Receive/blast/learn cable.