High Definition Video Recorder

For HDMI, Component video and S-Video/composite video

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model 1512

HD PVR 2 model 1512

  • Record HD video from a cable TV or satellite set top box. Includes WinTV v10 and an IR blaster, so you can schedule your TV recordings and change channels automatically on your cable/satellite box
  • Includes SPDIF optical audio input for awesome sound in your recordings. Also supports 5.1 channel audio passthrough for use with home theater systems
  • With 'no delay pass through' at up to 1080p and HDMI out to your TV monitor
  • Now with personal logos and a built-in record button
  • Note: the HD PVR 2 model 1512 is equivalent to model 1507
  • Note: if your HDMI video source has HDCP copy protection, we recommend using a Component video cable to record from your cable/satellite box