HD PVR Rocket: carry a personal HD video recorder in your pocket!

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Record and stream your Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3* and PC game play in full 1080p HD!

HD PVR Rocket is portable and USB bus powered. Record your best game play at gaming events or at your friends home. Simply plug a USB thumb drive into the slot on the front of the Rocket and you can start recording from your games console or PC. Plug a microphone into the front of the Rocket and record your game commentary too!

HD PVR Rocket records video at up to 1080p and can record from either HDMI (without HDCP protection) or Component Video.

New! Now stream your gameplay with Twitch or YouTube with Hauppauge Capture and StreamEez!

Key Features

  • Pocket sized, USB powered HD video recorder
  • Portable! Just plug in a USB thumb drive and start recording in HD!
  • With built-in microphone mixer for recording your game commentary
  • Also supports PC connect mode to record directly to your disk drive. Record, trim, upload and stream with Twitch and YouTube
  • Works with Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3* and PS4, the Wii U plus PC game systems

*Note: For use with the PS3, an optional PS3 to component video cable is required.

HD PVR Rocket Overview

Carry an HD video recorder, small enough to fit in your pocket!

HD PVR Rocket is portable and USB bus powered. Record your best game play at gaming events or at your friends home. Simply plug a USB thumb drive into the slot on the front of the Rocket and you can start recording your game play from a PC game system, Sony PlayStation® 3 or 4, Wii U or Microsoft Xbox® One or 360.

HD PVR Rocket
Plug your headset or microphone
into the HD PVR Rocket to record game commentary

Record your game commentary with Rocket's built-in audio mixer

HD PVR Rocket has a build-in audio mixer, so you can record game commentary while you record your video game play. Simply plug a microphone into the mic jack on the front of the Rocket, and then use the mixer panel (conveniently mounted on top of the Rocket) to adjust the volume of your microphone before it's mixed with your game audio. Your recordings will have the audio from your game along with your game commentary!

Record your videos to a USB thumb drive or to an external USB disk drive

When used stand alone, the Rocket records your videos to a USB thumb drive or an external USB disk drive. Simply plug a thumb drive into the connector mounted on the front of the Rocket, plug the USB power cable into a USB port on your game console, and start recording. Or plug a self powered USB hard disk into the Rocket's USB port and record up to 2 terabytes (TB) of video!

Make your own YouTube channel and share your best game play with your friends

Once you have made your recordings, you can share them with your friends on YouTube. Make your own YouTube channel and get famous!

Stream your gameplay with the Rocket

Hauppauge Capture now provides streaming support for the Rocket with the best gaming services: Twitch and YouTube. Stream your game play live to hundreds or thousands of fans!

Amazing HD audio and video quality

HD PVR Rocket records at resolutions up to 1080P30 using H.264 video compression. The H.264 format is used by Blu-ray discs and exceeds other video compression standards in quality and disk space consumption, providing a crisp image and amazing digital sound. H.264 uses 1/3 the disk space compared with the popular MPEG-2 format.

Rocket can also be connected to your PC to make game recordings directly to your computer's disk

HD PVR Rocket also can be connected to your PC so your recordings can go directly to the disk drive inside your PC. Use the Hauppauge Capture application to record game play, trim your videos and upload them to YouTube.

HD PVR Rocket for PC gamers: your personal HD recorder for your game play

Record your best gaming moves without slowing down your PC. The video compression is done inside HD PVR Rocket so you can record your PC game play in HD without slowing down your PC. Simply plug the HDMI out from your PC gaming system into the HD PVR 2, and then connect HD PVR Rocket to your TV monitor.

Includes the Hauppauge AV Cable

The Hauppauge AV Cable allows you to connect to a Component Video source such as a cable or satellite set top box or a PlayStation 3*. Use the Rocket to record your favorite TV programs from your TV box, and save them forever!

HD PVR Rocket Technical Specifications

Technical specifications

  • Hardware encoder:
    • H.264 AVCHD high definition video encoder, video encode up to 1080p30 from HDMI or component video
    • Input formats supported: 1080p60 (recorded as 1080p30), 1080p30, 720p60, 720p30, 480p30 and 480p60
  • No lag HDMI pass through:
    • HDMI or component in to HDMI out
  • Recording data rate:
    • 1 to 18 Mbits/sec
  • Recording formats:
    • MP4 in standalone mode
    • TS, M2TS or MP4 in PC connected mode
  • USB thumb drive compatibility
    • USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
    • Size: from 1GB to 32GB NTFS formatted
    • Minimum transfer rate: 2.5 Mbytes/sec
    • External hard disc compatibility: any self powered external storage drive with at least 2.5Mbytes/sec transfer rate
  • Audio mixer:
    • Mixes game audio with microphone audio
    • Supports both powered and unpowered microphones.
    • Microphone volume adjust, +20db boost and mute.
  • Input/output connections:
    • HDMI from Xbox, PC game systems or other HDMI sources without HDCP.
    • AV In for component video and stereo audio.
    • 3.5mm microphone jack.
    • USB thumb drive connector.
    • HDMI output.
  • Size:
    • 4.75 inches x 3.5 inches x 1.5 inches.
  • Power:
    • 5v @ 0.9 amps
  • Weight: 4.6 oz
  • Bundled with Hauppauge Capture software applicaiton

*Note: For use with the PS3, an optional PS3 to component video cable is required.


System Requirements

  • Connected to PC:
    • Laptop or desktop PC with 3.0 GHz single core or 2.0 GHz multi-core processor (or faster)
    • Microsoft® Windows® 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista with 1 GB RAM or Windows XP Service Pack 3 with 512 MB RAM
    • HD TV set with HDMI input
    • Graphics card with 256 MB memory
    • Sound card
    • 220 MB free hard disk space
    • Optional: CD-ROM drive (software can also be downloaded from here)
  • Stand-alone mode:
    • USB Memory stick formatted as NTFS
    • A USB port for power (can be powered by a games console)

HD PVR Rocket Model numbers:

model 01527: HD PVR Rocket and English manual

Included in the box

  • HD PVR Rocket high definition H.264 personal video recorder, with USB thurm drive port for recording to thumb drives and a built-in microphone mixer. USB 2.0 or 3.0 bus powered
  • USB power cable, with ‘Y’ for connecting to game consoles or for PCs
  • 2 meter HDMI cable to connect to your TV monitor
  • Hauppauge A/V adapter cable
  • Quick start guide

Frequently asked questions

What is the HD PVR Rocket?

The HD PVR Rocket is a high definition H.264 portable video recorder. The Rocket can receive video from either HDMI or compenent video and will record up to 1080p30 onto an attached USB thumb drive. The Rocket is USB bus powered and can be powered by a USB port on your Xbox or Playstation game system. The Rocket has a built-in audio mixer which will take microphone audio and mix it with game audio so you can add game commentary to your game play recordings.

The Rocket can also be connected to a PC, which we call the 'PC connected mode'. In this mode, recordings are made to the hard disk inside your PC and the USB thumb drive is not used.

Do I need to connect the HD PVR Rocket to my PC to record?

The Rocket can be used either with or without a PC. When used standalone it records to a USB thumb drive which is plugged into the front of the Rocket. When connected to a PC, the Rocket records to your PCs hard disk drive.

How To Record Xbox 360 Game & Party Chat

  • 1. Go to the Xbox Guide Menu
  • 2. Go along to settings.
  • 3. Select Voice.
  • 4. Go down to voice output and select 'Play though both'. This will make the audio play out your TV and through your mic at the same time.

Depending on what game you are on, I highly recommend you turn down game volume as well as sometimes voice chat can't be heard because the game volume is too loud. However I guarantee that there will be a way to turn down your audio setting on whatever game you are on. Make sure you make it loud enough to hear, but quiet enough to make the voice chat clear and easy to hear.

How do I turn off HDCP on a PS4?

  • On the PS4, go to Settings: from the main user interface, push up on the DualShock 4 to reach the top-level of the system’s menu, and select the toolbox labelled ‘Settings’
  • Enter the System submenu: When the long list of options appears, scroll down to the icon named ‘System’ and select it
  • Turn off HDCP encryption: You’ll find another long list in Settings. Scroll down to ‘Enable HDCP’ and ensure that the box to the right of the label is not ticked. It will be enabled by default, so simply click on it to disable the irritating feature. If you have any applications open, the system will ask you to close them, so make sure that you’ve saved your game before completing this last step.

How do I turn off HDCP on an Xbox One?

The following information comes from the Xbox support site

    Problem: Playing premium content on your console establishes an HDCP connection with your television. Some unintended video and sound behavior may occur if you plug in a DVR or home entertainment system while the console is turned on.

    To resolve this problem, try the following solutions:

  • Restart your Xbox One console:
    • Press the Xbox button on the console for ten seconds until the console turns off.
    • Touch the Xbox button on the console again to turn it on.
    • Try to play the content again.
  • If your Xbox One console is in instant-on power mode:
    • Go to the Home screen.
    • Press the Menu button on your controller and select Settings.
    • Go to Power & startup, then Power options.
    • Select Power mode and then select Save Energy.
    • Turn off the console by holding the Xbox button.
    • Turn on the console by pressing the Xbox button, and then try to play the content again.

What kind of webcam can I use to make Facecam videos?

Hauppauge Capture uses any webcam, either HD or standard definition, as long as it has a 'raw' YUV or YUY2 mode. MJPEG and other compressed formats are not used. Your webcam can be 4:3 or 16:9. Popular webcams include the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 plus, if you have a laptop, the built-in webcam.

Hauppauge Capture chooses the most suitable video mode supported by your webcam. You can set the size of the video, and the format (4:3 or 16:9) in the Settings menu of Hauppauge Capture.

What types of video sources can I record?

The rocket can record any source with either component video out or HDMI without HDCP. Common examples: PS4, Xbox One, PS3, XBOX360, PC gaming system, Cable or Satellite set top box.

What is the range of Resolution I can Capture with this device?

The Rocket records in all standard video resolutions: 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p as well as several PC specific resolutions.

Does the Rocket have No-Delay Passthrough?

Yes, the Rocket has a no delay pass-thru so you can see your game on your TV set and at the same time, record your game play.

What is the Red Button on the top of this device used for?

The red button is used to start and stop recordings while in standalone mode.

Where are my Recordings saved?

While in standalone mode, recordings are aved on a USB flash drive which is plugged into the front of the Rocket.

When in the PC connected mode, recordings are saved to your PC's hard drive.

How long can my recordings be?

Recording length is only limited by the size of your USB thumb drive. For example, a 16Gb USB thumb drive can hold up to 4 hours of video.

Can I include my Headset's Microphone Audio in my Recordings?

Yes. When the Rocket is used stand alone, you can plug your microphone or your headset's microphone into the 'Mic input' jack on the front of the Rocket. Then you can use the mixer panel on the top of Rocket to adjust your audio volume. In the stand alone mode, the recordings made onto the USB thumb drive are in one audio track.

When you connect Rocket to PC, you can use the microphone mixer in Hauppauge Capture record your voice commentary plus music directly into the recording. In the PC connected mode, you have a choice of recording onto one audio track or creating a recording with the game audio on one track and your game commentary on another track.

What do the Lights on the Rocket mean?

Blinking Blue - No Video
Blinking Red - No Thumb Drive
Blinking Green - HDCP
Solid Green - Ready to Record
Red Record Ring - Recording!

What Software should I use with the Rocket?

When used stand alone, the Rocket does not need any software to operate.

But the Rocket can also be connected to a PC so that you can record to the PC's disk drive. This is called 'PC connected mode of operation'. When PC connected, the Rocket works with our Hauppauge Capture software for recording and most third party editors for editing.

Why does the supplied USB Cable have two Connectors on one end?

The red end of the USB cable is for power only: this is used when recording in standalone mode. The black end of the USB cable is used when operating in PC mode.

What is the panel on the top of the Rocket used for?

This panel controls microphone settings. You can adjust the microphone audio volume, mute the microphone or add a +20db audio boost (used with unpowered microphones).

What can I use the Hauppauge AV Cable for?

The Hauppauge AV cable brings component video and audio into the Rocket. It can be used for a few things: 1) if you are using a headset, you can use the Hauppauge AV cable to bring game audio plus chat into the Rocket, 2) if you want to record HD TV from your cable or satellite set top box, you can connect the Hauppauge AV to the Component video output jacks on your set top box and record live and DVR TV, 3) if you have a Sony PS3, if you have a PS3 to Component video cable, you can record gameplay from a Sony PS3.

Can I record my TV shows with the Rocket?

Yes. If you have a cable TV or satellite TV set top box with Component video outputs, you can connect it to the Rocket.

Does the Rocket come with a power supply?

No, the rocket is powered by the USB ports on either your PC or game console. If you are trying to record a source without a usb port, you can use a standard USB power adapter as long as it is rated at 5v 1amp.

Can I use the Rocket to Stream?

Yes, you can now stream your gameplay with Twitch or YouTube with Hauppauge Capture and StreamEez!


An introduction to the HD PVR Rocket

How To Set up the Rocket

Record retro games with your HD PVR Rocket

Another "Record retro games with your HD PVR Rocket"

Hauppauge Capture for the HD PVR Rocket

Record, trim and upload your game play
Now with Facecam and Skipback recordings!

Hauppauge Capture features:

  • Record and stream your game play with in-game chat with our microphone mixing feature
  • Skipback allows you to record in the past
  • Simple and fast trim editor
  • Built-in YouTube upload
  • StreamEez for easy streaming
  • Simple to use video quality selector and scaling options

Hauppauge Capture version 36187

Hauppauge Capture supports the following products:

  • HD PVR 2 (all models)
  • Colossus 2 and Colossus
  • HD PVR Rocket
  • HD PVR 60
  • HD PVR model 1212

To install:

  • Click the download button and save Hauppauge Capture to your PC (do not select 'Run')
  • Once Hauppauge Capture is downloaded, run the Hauppauge Capture installation
  • After installation, you will be asked to reboot your PC. Please reboot.
  • While rebooting your PC, if you have an HD PVR 2, remove the power plug from the back of the HD PVR 2 for a few seconds and then plug it back in. This resets the HD PVR 2.
  • Once your PC is rebooted, you will see the Hauppauge Capture icon on your Windows desktop. Run it. No other setup is needed.

Comments, questions on this version? Please e-mail us at: support@hauppauge.com